What others say about me, opinions and comments | Lari Eteläniemi

This is what others say about me

"You can do anything."

Mia-Riitta Kivinen
CEO, Partner
Claro Leaders Oy

"Lari Eteläniemi has shown exemplary professionalism and attitude in his work. He is spontaneous, crisp and team-spirited. I'd be glad to recommend him to comparable expert positions."

Timo Kavetvuo
Estime Oy

"Can you clone yourself?"

Timo Kuivalainen
CEO, Head of Board, Founder
Plus One Dreams Ltd


"You have exactly the knowledge that is sougth after in the markets."

Jutta Haaramo
CEO & Founder

"Lari Eteläniemi has taken care of his work in a thoroughly professional and responsible way to our complete satisfaction. He has used his initiative and has been conscientious and innovative. We are pleased to recommend him to a future employer for comparable tasks."

Jarmo Toikka
Director of Technologies
MMM Logisware

"Lari Eteläniemi has done all tasks representing high professionalism. Both clients and colleagues has respected and liked him very much."

Jyrki Eerola
Unit Manager