What I've done | Lari Eteläniemi

For the last 3 years I’ve been

an Optimization Manager and a Management team member at Plus One Dreams

  • I’ve increased our conversion rate optimization activities netting over 1M eur more profit annually.

  • I’ve been leading our search engine optimization team.

  • I’ve been integral part in all of our Internet marketing activities that have brought in over 200K new customers in the past 2,5 years.

  • I’ve been integral part in driving us from staff of 12 to 43 profitably in 2 years.

  • I’ve been developing our recruitment and on-boarding processes.

  • I’ve been pushing us to adapt customer satisfaction as an integral part of our operations.

  • My analysis of our segmented customer data has given birth to a new casino.

  • I’ve been part of management team creating our multi-brand multi-country strategy.

  • I was leading our development and design process when we built Leijonakasino.com.

  • I’ve introduced majority of the KPI’s that our operations follow to this day.

Anecdotes from the IT & Internet-land:

  • One client said after me leading our first ever meeting together that it “was the best meeting ever”.

  • Two CTO’s of large Finnish publicly traded companies used to call and still call me from time to time when they need help in SEO and analytics related matters.

  • I create domino effects. When I resigned 4 other consultants also resigned about the same time saying to me that “what will I do here when you go”.

  • For Nordea Finance I designed and implemented search engine optimization for site Indeluotto.fi. The site attained positions 1 and 2 in targeted search terms.

  • For Soupster catering I designed layout, usability, conversion and search engine optimization plan. The site attained position 2 with the most important search term ”catering” and call for bids from the site grew 100%.

  • I designed and implemented a project management system for Ministry of Treasury. The interface and usability received excellent grades from an independent organization that studies usability. The system is still in use after 12 years with the original interface.

  • I designed and implemented a browser based formula editor. The editor allowed users to create as complex formulas as in MS Excel. Needless to say, the editor exceeded client’s (Fortum) expectations.

  • I designed and implemented an advanced search option for web application. Client was very pleased to the functionality and price of the search function and praised it in Tietoviikko.

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