What I'm looking for | Lari Eteläniemi

What I’m looking for in my professional future

I'm looking for an organization that is either a start-up or a growth company. The organization has a strong will to make products that they can feel proud of.

World class stuff you know.



What kind of people I’m looking for

When they see something broken they fix it. Everybody should have almost a childish desire to do what they do.

They want to learn all the time and constant learning and development is built-in to the organization and the people in it. They are not afraid to try to do things differently. And they will challenge and encourage each other.

Feelings and itch

In the morning I want to feel the itch to get to work and do amazing stuff with amazing people. I want to love my work so that it'll bring out the best in me.

But I also know how to keep a healthy life balance. Burning out doesn't help anything.




My role

I'll probably benefit the organization most when I'm in a hybrid role between leadership and expert. So that I can enhance customer experience, test conversion, do marketing, analyze numbers, thinking out the overall best course of action and help others to achieve more.

Something where I can fully use my long experience on how things work in the Internet.

Does money matter?

I've found out that when I have a share of the company it greatly increases my motivation. And more motivation means better results.

I want to see the place I'm working with in a very long term. I want to build something of my own that will last for decades.


What to build?

The business model must be scalable. There is some sort of competitive advantage in the product that is difficult to copy.

What we build solves some problem that the users have. They might not know that they have the problem but when they find our solution, they'll be enthusiastic about it. Some might even become brand ambassadors or they'll build tribes for it. Then we are on to something. And I want to be on to something extraordinary.

Answer the question and get to the next level. You'll also get diamonds!

What kind of organization Lari is most likely to be looking for?

Not-for-profit organization
that is promoting a good cause
   NSA   Startup or growth company