Lari Eteläniemi – Growth Hacker looking for opportunities

Lari is very interested in helping companies to grow fast!

Do you know a company, or are leading one, which is looking to grow fast in Internet? Most likely Lari can help.

Lari Eteläniemi is a Growth Hacker with a background in application development, SEO, SEM, analytics, CRO, leadership and a lot more.

What others say of me

What-ever I say of myself is only half of the truth. You should see what others say and think of me.

What I’ve done

I’ve been part of management team of a successful growth company with an exit, founded a startup to see it crash. I've built, trained, analysed, designed, maintained, enhanced. And a lot more.



Since everything will be gamificated in the future anyway, I started my share of building that future from this site.

What skills I have

My skills range from technical skills like programming and database design to Internet marketing skills like conversion optimization, SEO & SEM to leadership skills like team leading, recruiting & KPI’s. Read more on what skills I have.

What I’m looking for?

The past 20+ years in IT and internet marketing have taught me a lot and I now have a strong vision of the next step in my career.

My previous employers, partners and associates:

Nordea Finance, CapGemini, Estime, S-Group, Fortum, Nokia, MTV3, Kolikkopelit, RAY, Leijonakasino, Snellman, Oolannin, Lumene, Pokerisivut, Huom!, Fountain Park, Salainen Agentti, Cybershop, Omavarasto, Alexandria, Ministry of Finance, Soupster, Honka, Fennica, Berner, Casino Helsinki, Lindorff, Moneta, Sonera, A-Lehdet, Huippuvalmennus, Laurea, Alexandria, Nordiska Investeringsbanken, SRV, Talenom, Ixonos, Sanoma, Paulig, Sievo


I’ve gotten my livelihood from the Internet since 1997. Before that I was securing a nuclear plant, framed paintings, sold computers, worked as an accountant and calculated telecommunications numbers.
I’ve also taken photos for magazine covers (and all the photos in this site), trained IT personnel and sold tickets in farmers fair for the fair train.

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Where does building great products start?

Motivation   Dream   Big bang